Thursday, April 12, 2012

Happy National Grilled Cheese Day!!!!!!

So, in case you weren't aware, today is National Grilled Cheese Day, and I wasn't even made aware until a few hours ago!!!!  So, naturally, I had to make a shopping trip and change up my meal for the evening!
I'm positive everyone knows how to make grilled cheese, so I won't bore anyone with how to make it, I'll just list the ingredients and you can go from there!
I actually made two different grilled cheeses: Grilled Double-Cheese and Bacon Sandwiches and Grilled Pizza Sandwiches.
First thing's first, for the Grilled Double-Cheese and Bacon you will need:
8 slices bacon
4 slices red onion
4 slices cheddar cheese
4 slices mozzarella cheese
8 slices sourdough bread

For the Grilled Pizza Sandwiches you will need:
1/3 cup pizza sauce
8 slices sourdough bread
4 slices salami
4 slices mozzarella
1 small green pepper, thinly sliced
1/4 cup butter, melted

Now, due to preference I left out the onions in one and the bell peppers in another, but they were still really good!  Make sure to brush the melted butter on the outside of the Pizza Sandwich bread, and then cook them on a skillet or whatever works for you.
The Grilled Pizza Sandwiches were 391 calories for one sandwich and the Grilled Double-Cheese and Bacon Sandwiches were 330 calories, and only $4.69/serving (that's for both of the sandwiches!  Whoa!  I also cut the sandwiches in half, which made them go a bit farther and helped me keep everyone within the 500 calorie mark!

Happy cooking everyone!!!!

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