Wednesday, January 11, 2012

How My Love for Cooking Started

One of the things I remember most about my childhood was cooking with my mother.  She always made sure that she showed me how to measure things out and cut properly, and I associate those times with my love of cooking today.
My mother was/is an amazing cook, and one of the things that I found even more amazing was that she held a full time job while still managing to come home and take care of four children and a husband.  She was the reason that, as a child, when teachers would ask me what I wanted to be when I grew up, my answer was always, 'a mother'.
I have taken everything that she has taught me, and everything I've learned, and try to apply that in my daily life in raising my two boys.
One of the biggest challenges when I started cooking for my family was to get my kids to eat what I cooked (never had to worry about my husband though!).  I remember letting their comments get to me and I reverted back to frozen and prepackaged meals for a while.  I later realized that their pallets wouldn't change unless I helped them change, so I chose to embark on a food journey where I went on every food website imaginable, and bought any cookbook I could find, to start cooking delicious and healthy meals.
It wasn't always easy.  Working full time and coming home to help my boys with their homework, while trying to make delicious, home cooked, meals was certainly a challenge, at first.  But I soon found my groove and in 2010 it became my mission to make a different meal for my family every day.  It was tough, but the results were amazing and delicious!
That has since become my cooking motto: just because you're a working mother, doesn't mean you can't create delicious, healthy meals that your children can actually enjoy!
Since then I've continued on my 'quest' to make a different meal every night, and so far, 2012 has been looking good!
So what I hope to accomplish here is to go over the things that I can manage to cook, even while doing homework with my boys!  Lack of time doesn't have to mean lack of flavor or creativity, and I hope everyone can enjoy what I will show here!
Happy cooking everyone!!!

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