Sunday, July 7, 2013

Slow Cooker Kalua Pig with Cabbage

Hello my fine-feathered friends!!!  I realize I've been gone for nearly month and let me tell you...what a busy month it has been!  Our oldest son just turned 13 (yikes, I know), a friend passed away, we had family come into town, we went out of town, we've gone out ON the town, etc.  A very busy/happy/sad/crazy month this has been.  However, I'm back and will get some yummies your way!
So this meal was one I made when our family was in town.  They're on my husband's side and I thought it would be a great idea to let them try something from my side, and they loved it!  The even went back home and made it immediately afterwards!
So, first thing's first: get a three pound pork shoulder or pork butt roast (for this time I used a pork shoulder), place it into a slow cooker and add one tablespoon of sea salt.  You can also use the red Hawaiian salt (that's what my dad uses) however, at the time I made this I didn't have access to that kind of salt!
Once that's done, make sure to add enough water to cover the roast, and then add 1 tablespoon of liquid smoke per pound (so in this case it was three tablespoons).  My dad said that if you choose to use the red salt that the liquid smoke is unnecessary but he still uses it!  :)
After that, make sure to set your slow cooker to the low setting and allow the pork to cook for 8-10 hours.  Once it cooked for about 9 hours (the times will vary for your slow cooker, so make sure to keep an eye on it at that eight hour mark), remove the roast and shred it with two forks.
Once that's completed, take one head of cabbage and slice it, adding it to the water, and then adding the shredded pork to it, as well.  Cover and continue to cook on low until the cabbage is cooked.  For me, it was about another hour as everyone agreed they liked their cabbage a little crunchy still.  If you want the cabbage softer, cook it for longer, checking every once in a while to see when it reaches the desired way you want it cooked.
Then voila!!  Dinner was served!!!!  This meal was a hit with the family and brought back fond memories of my childhood.  The best part?  It was only 178 calories per serving, making six servings!  It was also only $1.44/serving!  Yay!!
Here's the recipe!!

3 pounds pork shoulder/butt roast
1 tablespoon sea salt or Hawaiian red salt
1 tablespoon liquid smoke per pound of the roast
1 head cabbage

Happy cooking everyone!!

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